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Responsible Destination Management Company

Responsible Tourism

"Sustainable tourism is any development or activity within the tourism sector which respects the environment, ensures the long term protection of natural and cultural resources and is viable and fair, from a social and economic point of view."
*Sustainable Tourism Management, published 1999, by J. Swarbrooke
DMC Incentive Travel ehf. is a responsible destination management company, with years of experience, specialising in the field of Incentive Travel and Event Organisation.


We have dedicated ourselves to sustainability and responsible governance in all our activities and strive to ensure all events and planning on behalf of our clients, follow the principle of sustainable events.


We aim to encourage all our customers to learn, enjoy and experience Iceland, its nature, saga and uniqueness in a responsible way


We create  value with respect for nature and the environment

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our Vision

We believe that there are many opportunities to change our behaviour and the way we think,  with the aim of improving the world and the environment in which we live.

We need to examine how everything is produced, consumed and disposed of, in order to tackle the shared challenges we face.



Our Shared Challenges

When presenting our travel proposals, planning and conducting events, we strive to minimise our footprint by selecting the most responsible suppliers, minimising all waste generated by our operations and we seek the best possible ways for our customers to enjoy and experience Iceland responsibly.​


Our Priorities

We recognise Next Generation Agriculture, improved choices across our portfolio, positive water impact, people and prosperity, as the priorities to devote our resources to right now.

Our Sustainability Pillars

Professional Excellence

Our responsibility to maintain the highest levels of operational excellence, professional integrity and best-in-class quality, strengthens our position on the global market.


We empower our employees to succeed in a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace that treats everyone fairly and with respect.



We follow a carbon neutral strategy, seek to use resources efficiently and work to deliver sustainable value.



We welcome local talent and engender a company culture of giving back through projects that are aligned with the SDG.

DMC Incentive Iceland follows standards for sustainable events with the aim of protecting nature, reflecting a healthy, inclusive society and supporting the economy.
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